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The smallest pump in the world

Whether you need to inflate the ball or set up the pool for the summer UltraPump can do the trick quickly and without hassle! Its small size hides incredible power that brings instant results.

UltraPump comes with five nozzles that can fit in every commodity, it’s ultra-small design makes it the easiest pump to carry and one of the fastest inflators you’ve seen.

When you are out camping you can quickly inflate the mattress and keep your tent well-lit all with UltraPump’s help! Just keep it in your pocket and you’ll never have to tire your lungs again!

Why UltraPump is for you

Instant inflations- from the beach ball to the inflatable pool, UltraPump efficiently inflates and deflates everything with a touch of a button!

Never lose your breath- Instead of tiring your lungs, fit UltraPump in your pocket to easily inflate all your stuff on your next visit to the beach or the woods!

Camp comfortably- Enjoy the outdoors fully accommodated, after inflating your bed use UltraPump as a lantern to light up your surroundings!

UltraPump is the ultimate choice- Leave your lungs to rest on your next outdoor trip and enjoy a seamless way inflating your commodities! 

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