SolarSea-Solar Garden Light

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Make your garden bloom every night

Beautiful lighting solutions shouldn't be hard to achieve! SolarSea create the perfect nighttime aesthetic, they are easy to customize, simple to set up and shine forever!

SolarSea never look the same, you can twist the wires into new shapes and patterns to enjoy their endless variety! You only need a patch of dirt to set them up, nothing more.

SolarSea can style your garden forever, they work entirely on sunlight and resist the harsh weather outside! Discover the endless ways of styling your garden with SolarSea!

SolarSea are the ultimate choice

Set your garden ablaze- Enjoy the beautiful sight of fireworks in your garden, set up SolarSea around to set the whole scene ablaze!

Refresh the atmosphere- Your garden’s aesthetic will never get stale, twist the wires into new shapes to bring a fresh look anytime you wish!

Forever shining- Bring elegant lighting to your place at no expense of your time, SolarSea only need the sun to stay shining forever!

SolarSea are the ultimate choice- Help your garden come to life every night, light up the scene in a unique way that never gets old!

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