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The baby bag every parent need

CribKit takes care of all the inconveniences experienced while traveling with a baby. Take it with you and you’ll have a baby bed, changing station and storage space for every essential you need.

CribKit unfolds into a place for cozy naps or simple diaper changes to take care of the little one’s every need. It carries just like a bag and has all the space you need when traveling with company.

CribKit makes sure you are always prepared to accommodate your baby wherever you are. Enjoy your time out with your toddler knowing you are prepared to handle any baby problem!

Why CribKit is for you

Easy diaper change- Set up a quick changing station so you never have to worry about your baby going poo-poo when you are out together!

A crib you can carry- While traveling together, your baby will always have a place for a cozy nap or a night’s sleep so you both enjoy your vacation!

Leave nothing at home- When not serving as a crib, CribKit acts as a specious travel bag where you can easily carry all your baby essentials!

CribKit is the ultimate choice- With CribKit in hand, you are well suited to handle every possible scenario when traveling with your toddler!

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