Neoline - LED Car Lights

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Emitting Color
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Give your car a colorful tuning

Never stay in the same interior twice, enjoy the endless neon atmospheres Neoline brings to your car! Easy to install and simple to operate, Neoline brings the party inside!

They can stick anywhere around the interior and light up in any color you wish! Set an instant mood by using the remote to switch between patterns and levels of brightness!

When you sync them to the stereo you’ll enjoy the flashing rhythm they create to every beat! Upgrade your interior with a tuned look you can change at any time!

Why Neoline is for you

Tune-up the atmosphere- Who said tuning should be expensive, create a fresh atmosphere for your interior in just a few minutes!

Set your vibe- Don’t let the interior grow stale, spice up the vibe anytime by switching between colors, patterns and levels of brightness on a whim!

Start the party- Keep the party going on the road, sync the lights with the stereo to enjoy a rhythmic light show for all your favorite beats!

Neoline is the ultimate choice- Set the perfect scene in your car for the road trip, date or night with friends in just one click!

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