Octacore - 8 Port Socket Shelf

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Solve all your socket shortages

A home with not enough electrical outlets creates lots of inconveniences! Solve all your charging and powering shortages with our portable, multipurpose socket station!

Octacore’s expands the electrical potential of any place, it has six outlets, two quick-charging USB ports and a built-in shelf to easily organize all your charging devices!

You can use it safely without worrying about surges or overpowering accidents. Bring a socket solution that will always give you room to power another plug when you need it!

Why Octacore is for you

Organize your space- Tired of tripping over wires, connect all your plugs in one place to tidy up the messy cables once and for all!

Electrical expansion- One outlet is never enough, solve your room’s socket shortage just by plugging Octacore in the outlet of your choice!

Simultaneous charging- With sockets to spare you can charge and power all your devices at once without ever having to wait!

Octacore is the ultimate choice- Bring convenience, organization and infinite charging options with the perfect socket expander for your home!

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